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Steffi our new german friend and ”prima” city-guide. Steffi shows us Berlin seen from a tuk-tuk
First stop is the wall seen from the east side
Steffi grew up in East Berlin , and was 15 when the wall came down. Steffi tell us that she feels privileged having experienced both worlds
Pictures from the wall
Pictures from the wall
This picture is from no-mans land. The area between the two walls, where self shooting guns, landmines, soldiers and dogs all tried to stop the East Berliners from escaping to the west
On our way to Brandenbuger Tor a photographer spots us and start shooting
Two guys, one tuk-tuk and the Brandenburger Tor
Steffi and Thomas on the way to Reichtag
There is a lot of new architecture
The last stop is the lawn in front of the Parliament where we relax, have a beer and get a little suntan. Steffi thanks for a very nice, fun and cool day in Berlin . Vielen dank, es war super toll und spitze. Echt geil
Efter nogle fede dage i Berlin, drager vi mod Hamborg. Inden vi når så langt stopper vi i Fresenbrügge og finder en camping plads. Vi er nu kommet til euro-land og må finde teltet frem pga. de heftige hotel priser
Herrn B. Bürner vielen dank. Gut Essen, gut Bier und gut Campingplatz. Schlechte deutsch kundschaften - Entschuldigung!